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Modern Tile Design

Tiles is a classic and affordable option for your kitchen backsplash, shower, and bathtub surrounds. They provide value and design and functionality to your space. Our selection of colors makes finding the perfect tile for your home easy.

Tile Installation

Classic or Trending

Ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tile brings appealing designs and protection to kitchen backsplash, shower and tub surrounds. 

While tile installation prevents water and moisture from damaging walls, it also adds beauty and character to your home.  

For a kitchen backsplash, try classic subway tiles for clean, modern lines. Or look at geometrical tiles like triangles to bring a contemporary style to your bathroom. 

Select from a variety of colors and styles to match any decor. Ceramic or stone tile, whether textured or porous, brings a timeless look. Or go with a marbled tile design with faint threads of color to give your space a classic updated look.

Give your home character with the latest designs in tile!
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Frequently Asked


How do I know which tile is the best for each area of my home?
The tile industry uses the PEI rating system to classify areas of use. It rates tiles from 1 to 5. One being the least resistant and five being the most resistant to wear and tear. PEI ratings of 1 are ideal for walls while a PEI rating of 5 can be used for high traffic areas such as entry ways and kitchens.

As a general rule most tile can be used on the wall, but not all tile can be used on a floor.
I hate cleaning grout. Do I need to have grout joints?
The short answer is yes.

Grout offers a number of valuable benefits:
-It gives your floor or wall a clean finished appearance.
-Grout comes in a variety of colors.
-It helps keep dirt and debris from getting in between and under your tile.
-It adds strength and slip resistance to the tile installation.
Why does my natural stone backsplash need to be sealed?
Sealing tile is done to prevent staining from dirt, spills and even the grout used to fill in the joints. Natural stone tile is not cheap, and neither is installation, so protecting your investment is a wise thing to do. Once a stain is embedded in the tile, often, it’s impossible to remove.
What is a rectified tile?
A rectified tile is a tile that has been re-cut to achieve the same exact size in all the tile pieces produced.
What should I bring to my design appointment?
Bring a picture of your space. If you are building or remodeling, bring a drawing of the proposed area. When redoing a kitchen or bathroom it is important for the designer to see any existing cabinetry, flooring or other features that are going to remain as is. If you have already selected an element for your space, bring a sample or a picture. 

Countertop, cabinets and paint color samples are key in helping your design consultant envision your space.
"A dear friend recommended that we go to Marty's to look at flooring. When we arrived, Marty was with a friend and immediately stopped his conversation and introduced himself and his friend. He asked how he could help and invited us to look around. We returned later, met with Cherie, and selected flooring for the kitchen. The flooring was ordered and promptly installed the following week. Ann has allergies and the installers, Scott, Brandon, and Malcolm, were cautious, courteous, and attentive during the entire project. By mid-afternoon the new floor was complete and the site thoroughly cleaned. While the installers were on-site we discussed the kitchen back splashes we had seen while at Marty's with Cherie. We moved forward and once again received excellent service from everyone involved. We have been thoroughly pleased with Marty's Flooring Center."

Gene & Ann Davis

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